Friday, January 18, 2008

Assignment #14

1) It's easy to get a message across in a personal essay, it's not really buried in dialogue or anything and it's pretty much just stated. I like this because it's straightforward without being unartistic. A personal essay can still be deep without much thought to it. I found when I was writing my personal essay, that most of my writing is actually in personal essay form, like when I write in my journal or something. I enjoyed it, and I'll probably do it again.

2) Reading is important because you need to feed yourself, you can't always just come up with ideas out of the blue. A writer needs experiences, inspiration, and others to help them write. This way they can find their own way of writing and see differences within literature.

3) My favorite piece that I've written was my poem, "Old Towne" because it reminds me of a happy time, and I think it's artistic, or i just like the way it's written. I really didn't like writing the short story for the picture. It was difficult and not very artistic. I really didn't like MY short story because it was some stupid sci-fie plot and it was just dumb in general. I couldn't think of anything to write.

little debbie,
american idol,
florida ANY day,
neither-san francisco,
Germany or Iceland,
the one where they go to the bar,
The fox and the hound?

peace guys, claire

Monday, January 7, 2008

Assignment #13

1) A guiding principle in my life is not necessarily ONE guiding principle, it's multiple things that are important to me. They mostly go in this order: Tyler(recently added), Family, friends, church, camp, sports, school, work. This hierarchy is what dictates my life, for exaple, if there is some camp activity on a weekend, and I'm schedudled to work, I'll get my shift covered. But family trumps over all, if one of my family memebers is in need, I will go to them before any other thing. I know this sounds crazy, but I pretty much do what I want within reason, if there is something I want to do, I'll do it, it's all just spontaneous. Life is crazy like that.

2) When the 35W bridge collapsed, I was compleatly freaked out, and it changed me, especially at that moment in time. I was at camp and pretty much compleatly closed off from the world, I couldn't watch the news, no newspaper, no internet, the only thing I had was my phone. We were getting ready to go out to a movie when I got a text from my friend saying that the bridge had collapsed and they were calling it a disaster. Then I got two more texts from people and I tried calling my family but all the phone lines were jammed, then I called my best friend to see if she was alright and what was going on and I got through to her. I was almost shaking becuase I couldn't talk to my family. I finnaly got a hold of them about half an hour later and they were all fine. But even to this day, I never saw any pictures or videos of the accident.

3) I want to be a counselor at Star Lake this summer. I want to be the counselor that makes kids want to come back, that treats them like mature individuals and gives them an experience they won't forget. That's pretty much it right now I guess. I also want to go to college and have a lot of fun.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Assignment #12

1) Writing the play was harder than i thought it would be. I kept writing it like a short story, where the characters feelings were described instead of shown. And you had to explain everything that you imagined and how it would work on stage. Like the tornado, in my imagination could be literally IN the story, but on stage, that would be too hard to do, so it's offstage. Also, it was easier to be comedic in a play, because people's natural reactions are funnier than describing those reactions.

2) I might write about one of my experiences camping and coming together as a group, specifically in the Boundry Waters or Gooseberry Falls. Or maybe I'll write about synchro and how our team came together last year to dominate at state more, than any other team in our division from Edina has in seven years. Or I could be kind of funny and creative and write about a re-occurring dream i had in pre-school, although I'm not sure what the theme of that would be. Mostly I want to convey the message of community.

3) for the ten year old- Don't have any regrets. But make decisions within reason. Try not to get into drugs and alcohol, but like I said, don't have any regrets. If you try something, you don't have to do it again, and then you know what it's like without being a pothead or alchie. Try hard in school, but make time for fun. Get involved in sports and extra-curricualrs because that is where you make your true friends. Have fun, and make educated bad choices every once in awhile, it's for your own good. Overall, be balanced, not only in your actions but in your groups of friends as well, don't get tied up into one group, get out there and experience different things. Get a job, so you can realize that that's NOT what you wanna do for the rest of your life therefore making you more driven to go to college. That pretty much sums it up.

Monday, December 10, 2007

Assignment #11

1) I think a great piece of writing has a theme that is not obvious but is still there. This way, someone who just wants a good story gets it, and a more in-depth reader can analyze the story to pick out the theme. For example, in literature classes, I enjoy reading the books just because they have intersting plots, but I also enjoy looking deeper into the story to find what the meaning of everything is.

2) Those stories and works of writing last forever because they were innovative at the time. Be it innovative in their plot or theme, they were something that people from that time had never seen before. Or they could last forever because they are stories that people enjoy getting lost in. I could forsee maybe at some time, one of my stoires getting passed on beyond the time that I live, but not much longer than that. Only because it would be intersting to hear or funny or something like that, not neccessarily innovative.

3) If I were to have a long-lasting impact as a writer, I would want to make people laugh. There is too much sadness in the world today, and I believe that if you can make just one person smile or chuckle, you've done your part as an active member of society. Overall, everyone just really needs to buck up and put a smile on, which I know is hard to do some days, even most days, but to stay positive, we must be actively trying to stay positive.

Monday, December 3, 2007

Assignment #10

1) I see more hatred between people than ever before, I know I am young, and I don't know directly about the hatred in the past, but in everyday life, there is so much anger and disrespect. I listen to people's conversations, and so often you hear the words, "hate", "gay", "fag", "f***ing"'s disappointing, and it's so hard to remain happy and content in a society filled with so much angst. In politics, in school, at work, in the media, I wish everyone could just cool down and try being peaceful for once.
I sound like a hippie, but it's so true.

2) A dynamic person that I know is my friend and counselor Jesse. He is insane. He is a commercial fisherman in the winter(as in crab fishing, like in the TV show "The Deadliest Catch") which is crazy in and of itself. In the fall and spring he lives in Hawaii where he does basically nothing but surf and have BBQ's on the beach with the locals. In the summer he is a church camp counselor where he follows no rules and jumps off of lots of cliffs with us. He is certainly dynamic.

3) I like the book, "Paddle Whispers" by Douglas Wood, it is about the BWCA and Quatico Superior, relaxing and amazing.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Assignment #9-Happiness

1) When you are overcome with a feeling of extreme comfort in your surroundings.

2) I am happy when I am with my friends, doing what we love to do. I am the kind of person that needs other people to be happy. I find myself to be happiest when I'm hiking, camping, swimming, dining, singing, doing synchro and sometimes working; all with the people I love most, the people that make me laugh and smile.

3) My family influences my happiness, when they're happy, I can be happy. Also, my co-workers influence my happiness, I love it when I can walk into work, and my supervisor says, "CLLAAIIRE!! You're here!" it just sets the tone for the whole shift.

4) I impact my family's happiness, if I'm crabby, then they're gonna get crabby and visa-versa, if I'm excited and happy, I'm gonna try to get them to play along with me.

5) My greatest need in life is human contact, I love to be social, and without my friends and family, my community, I would be nothing.

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Assignment #8

Star Lake
Good Sam
The wilderness
Friends becoming family